Utilizing our proprietary S.M.A.R.T.3 (Social Media Automated Real-time Thermal-tag-trending), we aggregate and process billions of bits of data by filtering for popularity, hashtag, category, relevancy, location, and historical values. Additionally, this program takes the information from major sites and processes information from Facebook likes, activity volume and fan count, Twitter’s Tweets and follower counts, and from that data and based on sentiment and other analysis this data is distilled down into the most relevant bits of information and organized for the consumer. Other content filtering and algorithm analysis of Pinterest pins/comments, Tumblr blogs, product and service evaluations, gender, trends, salience topics, user interaction allow us to serve-up a better consumer experience for fans of celebrities and in addition provide our customers with the ability to better understand user behavior and engagement.  


Real-time Decision Making Saves Advertising Dollars

  • Monitor


    the entire social web or just your specific digital properties including Facebook and Twitter accurately so you can create content that delights your fans and drives more revenue


  • Analyze


    your campaigns, competitors, consumers and audience, category, products, brands, partners and more in real-time so you can react to crisis and opportunities


  • Engage


    with your customers across multiple digital channels with a secure workflow solution, pre-defined templates, an advanced routing and ticketing system and audit trail